AMOR is A Ministry of Recovery of the St. Luke's United Methodist congregation. The programs and activities are multifaceted offering support, encouragement, resources, and opportunity to people who are in recovery or desire to be in recovery. AMOR serves the recovery community in three primary areas:

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12 Step Recovery Meetings

There are 7 meeting that are held every week in the church building. An average of 300 people make their way through our doors each week to actively participate in their recovery. 

  • Monday 8:00 pm

  • Wednesday 7:00 pm

  • Thursday 6:30 pm & 7:30 pm

  • Friday 8:00 pm

  • Saturday AA & Al-Anon 10:00 am

  • Sunday 7:00 pm



Low Key Service Friday at 6pm

The Low Key service of recovery is a time of casual, graceful fellowship of people in and around the recovery community.  The service is an hour-long gathering loosely structured around the common ground of music.  We acknowledge and support the non-sectarian tradition of AA, while giving special attention to the spiritual dimension of 12 Step recovery.  The primary goal of Low Key is to provide a safe and relaxed place to be together in recovery; to celebrate the joy of sobriety; and to offer gentle encouragement for the difficult work of 12 Step recovery. Join us Fridays at 6pm in the sanctuary. 

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We are currently having individual meetings with directors and leaders in various organizations and programs that serve people in recovery. If you are interested in being involved or know of such an area, please feel free to contact us with that information.  


For more information, contact David "Bing" Bingham at