Since 1990, St. Luke’s has provided the community with the Pumpkin Patch at 6012 Youree Drive in Shreveport.  Our patch is scheduled to open October 1 and will remain open until October 31st or we run out of pumpkins.  The hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 9am to 7pm.  Sunday noon to 7pm.  We take all major credit cards except for American Express.  

Over the past 27 years, we have donated over $246,075 to local missions/charities. We could not do this without your patronage of our patch! Thank you!!!!  Each year we evaluate the appropriate and best use of our funds.  We are always looking for new outlets and the best way to help our community.  Last year we gave funds to the following recipients:  CADA of NWLA, Cavanaugh Adolescent Center, Gingerbread House, Oakwood Home for Women, Shreveport Rescue Mission, Heart of Hope, Youth Challenge, Purchased, and The HUB.

Each year we try to add new things to our patch. For the past several years we have provided a “Trunk or Treat” event as a safe alternative to Halloween for the kids. We also sell cookbooks, t-shirts, water, cookies, and some gift items.  We have cooking demonstrations, concerts in the patch, a blood drive, and our photo contest is always a hit.  (Make sure you tag your pictures with #StLukesPumpkinPatch on our FB page!)   Please visit our Facebook page at St.Luke’s Pumpkin Patch to get the latest on “What’s Happening in the Patch.”


We also invite local school children and daycare children, ages 3-5 to come visit the patch free of charge as a field trip October 9th-13th from 9am-12pm.  This year we have set aside a special week for our special needs kids, October 23-27th.  All groups are required to have an advance reservation to ensure everyone has a good experience.  If you are a teacher, who would like to register your class, go to this link at Signup Genius. Please call Debbie Laffitte at 318-990-0145 to register special need classes. 

I've heard some people talking about how very LONG our pumpkins last... so today I want to tell you a little about our pumpkins and why we are so proud of them. Our pumpkins come from the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico.  This is the perfect environment for growing pumpkins; with high elevation, dry air, limited insect population and availability of water. The farm workers are 95% Native American. The full time farm staff is around 30 people and the seasonal staff is in excess of 600. The harvest payroll alone is in excess of 1 million dollars. This has tremendous impact in a region with 43% unemployment and a median family income of $20,000.  For many workers, it’s the only opportunity to provide for their families as well as making a significant difference in the quality of the lives of the Navajo and Pueblo people. 

They exercise sustainable agricultural practices utilizing crop rotation to limit pest problems thereby reducing the need for insecticides. They use cover crops to prevent soil erosion and suppress weeds. This limits the need for the use of herbicides. They use soil-mapping technology, which enables them to use the optimal amount of seed and fertilizer. This allows them to maximize yields efficiently. All Pumpkin Patch products are NON-GMO! These responsible agricultural practices mean that they provide a great product that has little impact on the environment. All these qualities combine to produce a superior pumpkin with an extended shelf life. We are proud of our quality pumpkins!

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not allow any Professional Photography in our patch because it interferes with the family atmosphere that we try to maintain. Thank you for respecting this.


Contact Us

St. Luke's UMC

(318) 868-3613 

6012 Youree Drive

Monday- Thursday 9a.m. - 12 p.m.


For General Information Contact Janice Boller

(318) 218-1004

For Story Time Information Contact Debbie Laffitte

(318) 990-0145